THIS JOURNAL WILL ACTUALLY CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE 2018 IS YOUR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE YEAR. Yours. Yes, yours! It is a year to believe that, no matter what the news, your finances or any authority figure in your life says, the possibilities that lie before you are endless. There are whole new universes to discover this year. It’s actually a year to defy what’s bad—bad news, bad vibes, bad breakups or bad whatever, because together, we (you and us) have declared 2018 to be the year of POSITIVITY POSSIBILITIES. This year, you are a force of good juju who’ll spread that energy wherever you go, because you’ve chosen light, hope, good, positivity and possibility. And this 2018 Change Journal will help you every step of the way.

More good news: this planner also changes other people’s lives. Proceeds from our sales go to Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc., whose initiatives include helping scholars get a college education, organizing community health initiatives in remote and underserved areas, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. (In 2017 we helped build a school on an island off of Luzon, in the Philippines!) Be part of the change. Visit us at

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