We are a publications company that goes beyond the ordinary. Located in the south of Manila, Philippines, our goal is to write and publish books that are visionary and life changing.

FreeSpeech believes that change is a need and a must in the world we live in today.

So through the books we publish, and with the partnership of our readers, we will achieve our goals. The actions of change will be spread across nations and borders. We started in 2008 with the publication of This Journal Will Actually Change Your Life!

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We dare you to be the change the world needs

We noticed how yearly planners affect the lives of people. So we decided to publish an extraordinary journal that would further change people’s lives. In the context of change, part of proceeds from our sales go to helping scholars get a college education, organizing community health initiatives in remote and undeserved areas, helping build schools in provinces, teaching street children and a whole bunch of other good stuff.

We dare you, be part of the change.